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Tel3 Flex Plan

Cheap rates from 20 countries (USA, Canada, Germany, UK and other) to anywhere in the world with Tel3 Low Long Distance Rates. Use Tel3 to call from home, cell phone, office or while traveling (list of countries). Customers have real-time access to call records, a unique Tel3 feature within calling card vendors.
If you make international phone calls from a cell phone visit cellular Tel3 Mobile for special apps for iPhone, Android, Galaxy, Blackberry and other mobile phones that will allow you to call directly from your address book. iPhone Blackberry Android phone calls

About Tel3

Founded in 1994, Tel3 is a facilities based telecommunications company. Through an optimal utilization of Tel3 own proprietary network infrastructure Tel3 is able to provide the lowest long distance rates in the market, all without the need to change your existing long distance carrier!  The corporate office are located at 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd., Suite 408, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Tel3Advantage long distance dialaround

Control Spending

Control your spending with Tel3 Flex Plan. Because you pre-pay, you will never go over allocated amount.  With Tel3, you will control your spending and will be able to call from any touch tone phone. No additional taxes. No monthly fees. No activation or connection fees.

Brazil Rio1.0 The Tel3™ offers the lowest rates for domestic and international calls and absolutely no monthly fees. Calling RATES

Low cost dialaround (dial around)
Brazil2.0 Jordan14.5
Canada0.8 Mexico1.8
Colombia1.0 Mexico City1.0
Dominican Republic1.8 Mexico Puebla0.9
China0.8 "Money Back" Russia 3.0
France0.9 Russia Moscow1.5
Germany1.5 Spain1.5
Israel1.3 Turkey Ankara2.5

With Tel3:

1) No switching long distance or wireless providers
2) Lowest international rates with over 200 countries less than 10¢
3) Domestic 1.0¢ anywhere in the US and Canada (Local Access)
4) Real time online account management through "Customer Login"
5) No monthly or hidden charges, activation or connection fees
6) Compare with Sam's Club calling cards and Costco calling cards


  Use from any phone: Home, Office, or Cell
  Prepaid and Rechargeable
  PIN-less dialing
  Speed Dial (favorites list)
  Online Account Management
  Get exclusive recharge offers via SMS

Each customer can access Account Information on line.  This is how Customer Interface screen looks like.  You may click View Call History, Speed Dial Numbers, Instant Access Numbers or Tel3 FAQ for details.
Tel3 Advantage My Account DetailsTel3 Long Distance Billing
Tel3 DialAround Account Details

Compare Tel3 with Costco (2.9 c/min) or Sam's Club (3.47 c/min) phonecards.

Tel3 has low long distance rates to: Western Europe (Austria France Germany Spain UK), Eastern Europe (Hungary Poland Russia Ukraine), Asia (China Japan Korea Vietnam) and other areas. Check Tel3 low international rates (more tel3, tel3phonecards, cellular international).

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